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How it all began

How it all began

It all started when we purchased a book on soap making from Gecko Hardware (now Rooster Home and Garden) for Christmas of 2013. This began an experimental learning process with soap recipes followed by soy candles and vegan body care items that eventually launched into what is now White Rock Soap Gallery. After working from home, we eventually secured a retail location that allowed us to get production out of our kitchen.

Our core value from the start has been to craft healthy products using simple and safe ingredients. We decided that anything we made that touched the body had to be 100% vegan and all natural. We never use artificial fragrances, preservatives, colors, or synthetic chemicals in any of our handcrafted body care products.

After a couple of years doing local markets, our products were eventually picked up by our first retailer Gecko Hardware and eventually other retailers such as The T Shop in Lakewood, Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park, and Nicholson-Hardie also in Highland Park. What began as a small home-based hobby had now become a thriving local business.

We used the term gallery in our name because we envisioned a place where we could introduce our customers to other local Texas makers in addition to our own products. We currently also sell products from 30 local artisans from cities all over Texas.

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