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How it all began

WRSG is a local, family owned business that handcrafts high quality, natural soap, candles, and body care products. The gallery is a concept for showcasing local artisan products. In addition to Mark, Keith, and my own creations, we plan to offer many other crafters items through our online store and eventual retail location.

This article is the first blog post of many. Our plan is to use the blog as a way to connect to our customers, provide high quality and relevant content, announce upcoming events, promotions, and sales, as well as a hub for more in depth product showcases, reviews, case studies, and more.

Let’s begin with a quick story on the formation of White Rock Soap Gallery:

It all began with a gift. This past Christmas, December 25th of 2013, my father, Mark, gave me a book on soap making — The Soapmaker’s Companion: A Comprehensive Guide by Susan Miller Cavitch. Susan’s book was the very first time I had encountered soap and the saponification process. After some reading and additional research, I told my father that it was time to make some soap. With my supply list in hand, we visited many different stores in the area looking for soap making products. Curiously, we found one of the main ingredients, lye (sodium hydroxide — alkaline base used to saponify oils), at the original store my father purchased The Soapmaker’s Companion book at — Gecko Hardware (True Value). My father and I made our first batch of soap together in January of 2014. It was the beginning of a never ending learning process. A journey that ranges from product procurement, e-commerce web development, chemistry, farmers markets, and beyond.

The most important reward of our venture is the time we spend together as a family.

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