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The Immaculate Beard - Shave Soap

$ 12.00

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Made with added kaolin clay to keep pores clear and soothe sensitive skin, and added Shea butter to soothe and moisturize.

Foams up with really nice thick lather when using a shave brush and hot water. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Simply drop in any mug or bowl to use. This bar is 3 oz, not 4, so it will fit into more of a standard size mug.

DARK has notes of caramel, honey, vanilla, tobacco blossom and rose. Sweet, warm, spicy. (Most popular)

BRIGHT is clean, fresh, and soapy with hints of spearmint and eucalyptus

DAYBREAK is scented with pure essentials only! Spearmint and Eucalyptus, clary sage and lavender. Trust me, you will love how fresh it is!

This listing is for the shave soap puck only does not include brush.