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Susan's Soap Face Scrub

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Natural Face Scrub Exfoliates and Cleanses!

This nifty product is in response to all those customer who keep asking for a scrub for their face. Well not only can you use this to gently exfoliate your face but it also cleans at the same time and you even feel like it cleans because it lathers. Plus on top of all these benefits it smells fabulous too! How''s that for a great product? To use simply put about 1/2 Tb in palm of your hand. Wet slightly and rub lightly on face. Try it. I think you''ll be impressed.

We offer our face scrub in both Almond and Lavender.

Try the Lavender for dry or sensitive skin or teenager's acne.

Ingredients: ground Susan's Soap (Almond Oatmeal or Lavender Oatmeal) oatmeal, cornmeal and essential oil. Net. wt. 3 oz.