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White Rock Soap Gallery products.
  • White Rock Soap Gallery

    T Soap

    $ 10.00

    Essential oil blend in our castile soap.  Ingredients:  Olive Oil Coconut Oil Palm Oil Castor Oil Avocado Oil Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) Distilled Wa...

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    White Rock Soap Gallery

    Ultimate Gift Set

    Original Price $ 85.00
    Current Price $ 60.00

    Our Ultimate Body Gift Set includes a soap deck, soap saver, Ultimate Body Soap, Large Ultimate Salve Stick, Medium Ultimate Salve Stick, Mini Salv...

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    White Rock Soap Gallery

    Vegan Tinted Lip Gloss

    Original Price $ 8.00
    Current Price $ 6.00

    All Natural Tinted Vegan Tinted Lip Gloss! Made with the same base as our all natural lip balms, we have infused the oils with natural herbs and bo...

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    White Rock Soap Gallery

    Welcome Fall Gift Set

    Original Price $ 72.00
    Current Price $ 60.00

    Our 10 piece Welcome Fall gift box makes a wonderful gift idea!