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Candle Care Kit - 3 Piece Set

$ 24.00
SKU 755907280580

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The perfect gift for any candle lover! This candle care set has everything you need to properly care for your candles to ensure a cleaner, brighter burn that reduces smoke and carbon build up. Made of high-quality stainless steel in a black matte finish. 

Instructions for Use:

Wick Trimmer: Keep your candles trimmed to the recommended 1/4" after each burn. Before relighting your candle, hold the flat, circular end of the wick trimmer parallel to the candle's wax and snip wick to the desired length. 

Wick Dipper: Use to extinguish the flame by placing the lit wick into the wax pool.

Candle Snuffer:  Place the bell of the snuffer over the candle's flame until it extinguishes.

Wipe clean after each use.