Goods Apothecary Sleepy Balm

Goods Apothecary Sleepy Balm

Goods Apothecary

  • $ 5.00

100% Natural Sleepy Balm - 1oz

[INGREDIENTS] Apricot Kernel Oil and Virgin Organic Coconut Oil both infused with Lavender buds and Chamomile Flowers, Beeswax

This all natural sleepy balm is infused with lavender and chamomile to provide a naturally restful night's sleep. Free from essential oils and fragrance oils, this balm is baby safe but works for people of all ages. The consistency of this balm is very creamy and absorbs quickly. It is not greasy and pleasantly scented.

Lavender and Chamomile are praised as some of the best medicinal herbs for reducing stress and inducing relaxation. Both herbs have calming effects and have been shown to decrease blood pressure and heart rate.

To use: apply to bottoms of feet and temples and rub in completely. Patch test before applying to large areas of the body.

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