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Lavender Thorne Fabric Fresh

$ 14.00

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(Room + Fabric Spray)

Fabric Fresh is here and we have the option to add an Organic Wool Reusable Dryer Ball. Did you know that there are no label laws on dryer sheets? Yes, You read that right.. Go check a box right now! You will not find all the ingredients listed. Most of us wear clothes all day washed and dried in chemicals. You may ask what is this doing to our bodies? Disrupting our hormones? Allergic contact dermatitis? When my daughter puts on hand me downs before I get a chance to wash them, her skin breaks out in huge hives from head to toe. Just from simply putting on a t-shirt. What does that tell you? There have been studies done that name dryer sheets as one of the products with the highest concentrations of endocrine disrupters. SMALL STEPS GUYS! We know this can be overwhelming but we all only have one body.

MADE WITH: Distilled Water, Alcohol, Dead Sea Salts, Lavender, Lemon Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Made in United States of America