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NHCO Botanical Bodycare - Tangerine Mint Mojito Shower Steamer | SPRING & SUMMER

$ 9.00

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Turn your shower into a spa with our invigorating shower steamer, made with a refreshing blend of essential oils and organic menthol crystals. 


Smells like tangerine, lime, and a garnish of mint


Simply break the tablet in half and place a piece on the floor of your  shower, out of direct spray of water. The oils and aroma of the menthol crystals will release as it melts. The steamer will melt quickly if it's in direct aim of the shower water.


The Shower Steamer is made for 1-2 shower uses.

Many other shower bombs and steamers contain synthetic colorants, fragrances, and even glitter. 


The Shower Steamer contains a concentrated amount of ingredients, and is not a bath bomb alternative. Do not rub directly onto skin, and do not use as a bath bomb.


Weight: Approximately 4 ounces


Key Ingredients: 
Sea Salt

Essential Oils
Menthol Crystals