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Susan's Soaps Salt Glow and Scrub

$ 23.00

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All Natural Salt Scrub in two incredible scents!

Once people try our salt glow they just fall in love with it! It exfoliates. It moisturizes. It smells wonderful. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It does it all!

We offer it in two different sizes and two wonderful scents. The large size is definitely the best value for your money and before you ask I generally recommend the lavender sage scent for dry, itchy skin. Other than that just go by what scent appeals to you the most.

  • Almond - smells just like almond extract or some say marzipan
  • Lavender Sage - our most popular scent that is a blend of lavender, clary sage and patchouli for a rich, earthly lavender blend

To use: I keep a large jar in the shower and use it after I have soaped and rinsed. It is wonderful on elbows, backs of my arms (totally took those little bumps off), legs (has been wonderful for my eczema) and feet. Rinse off - being careful not to slip as the floor is probably slippery now. Get out and towel dry. You will feel like you spent 1/2 a day a spa. Tip: Do not use after shaving as the salt will sting. However I use the scrub first and then literally shave it off my legs. It helps to moisturize and doesn't sting.

Ingredients: Sea salt and safflower oil with Vit E to prevent rancidity. Essential oil blend varies depending on scent.