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Susan's Soap Canine Shampoo Bar

$ 7.00

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Don’t let your dog suffer from dry, itchy skin!

Our Canine Creations Shampoo Bar contains ingredients that help keep your dog’s skin feeling great. We use the same base solid shampoo formula that we use in our other shampoo bars but we make sure the additives are super gentle so as not to irritate your dog’s sensitive skin.

The essential oils used are lavender and lemongrass. Lavender is good for all skin types as well as helping to repel insects and lemongrass is excellent at repelling insects also. We also put a small amount of oatmeal in the bar to additionally help with dry or itchy skin as well. If you would prefer a liquid shampoo for your dog you can find it here.

To Use

Just wet your dog’s fur and rub the bar over to work up a lather. Work the lather into their fur and then rinse very well. Dry as normal. Just like our solid shampoo bars for people this solid shampoo bar is great for travel. NOTE: Do NOT use any products with essential oils on cats. They can be toxic to them!

Net wt. – 4 oz.

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