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Susan's Soaps & More Ceramic Soap Dish

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These are ceramic dishes that have been handmade and glazed by Susan, herself. Our soaps last much longer if they rest on some type of raised surface where the water can drain off of them and the air can get under them. We have sold the wooden soap dishes for years and while they are great, eventually they do get stained and even blackened from all the water they are exposed to.

Susan had not been able to find a soap dish on the market with the type of design she wanted. As an art major in college she had always been interested in ceramics but had never pursued it. Then through a series of circumstances she ended up with two kilns of her own and that inspired her to take classes and learn how to work with clay so as to be able to make her own soap dishes!

Each dish is constructed as a two part piece with the top section having cutouts that allow the water to drain off of the soap. The bottom dish catches the water to keep your counter looking nice.