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The Naked Bomb by Sweet & Sassy - Conditioner Bar: All Natural Good for 80+ Treatments per bar

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$4.15 each wholesale. Customers love smelling and choosing their own scents. Our bars are made with the highest quality ingredients that leave hair shiny, healthy, and smelling fantastic! Perfect for travel, and long lasting - each bar is good for 80+ wonderful washes and cleans beautifully! All Natural: Chemical Free * SLS Free * Perfume Free Essential Oils create this wonderful fresh scent! Safe for all Color-treated hair. Cleans beautifully and won't strip hair. Each bar good for up to 80 wonderful washes. Buy in Bulk (loose), or check out our mix-and-match Hair Bar Experience Starter Sets! **Includes 18 count conditioner bars. Shampoos shown or Containers Shown can be ordered Separately, or as part of our Starter Set. Choose from Sun-Kissed, Coconut Lime, Jasmine Mandarin, Forever Fresh, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Beach Out or Almond Vanilla.